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5 Benefits of Activate your online banking

Certainly, activating your banking online is a much more convenient way to transact compared to going to a branch.

Over the decades, banks have been adapting more and more. And with the use of technology, the so-called digital banks were created.

Banks are financial institutions, and they can be public or private, they provide financial services to society.

Top reasons to activate your online banking

Online banking has several benefits, perhaps one of the most important is the fact that it helps save time in carrying out transactions.

And enabling online banking opens the door to many benefits.

However, even with so many advantages, many people, even with Internet access, still do not take advantage of these available tools.

Therefore, we will share the best benefits available for your Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

1. Operations from anywhere

That too lazy to go to the bank to pay that bill? The online bank makes you run away from this bureaucracy.

We know that accessing the bank is often a challenge for some who live apart and need to bear the costs of transportation.

Thus, activating online banking has as one of its great benefitsthat have the power to make your payments from absolutely anywhere and at any time.

Whether you are at home, in the office, at the club or even on vacation, your transactions can be easily carried out using your computer or smartphone.

2. Fewer commissions

Probably, when making a transfer at your agency, you may have noticed the fees charged.

Certainly, when reviewing these fees charged by banks, you will notice that they are quite expensive.

However, banking at online banks is free.

Plus, you can save on food that self-service stores like OXXO or 7eleven charge, which are examples of stores that charge per deposit.

Therefore, activating online banking can lead to big savings on your money.

Can you imagine being able to carry out your transfers and still save money?

Of course, this will make a big difference in your savings.

3. Save time and travel expenses

As a user, by activating online banking there is a saving of time and money to go to an agency.

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to go to an agency? Imagine if every time you make a payment, make a withdrawal or pay your bill, you need to go to the bank.

Certainly, you would go hundreds of times and it takes a lot of time.

Time is gold money and although for you the time you spend going to the branch is little, little by little it stops making sense.

Also, in emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic, you avoid going to the ATM and branches where the risk of contagion is greater.

4. Four, four, four. Bank 24/7

One of the main advantages that draws the attention of users when activating online banking is the fact that the bank allows you to make your inquiries or even transactions at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

Imagine, you need to pay that last installment urgently and not be able to get to the bank.

Online banking will allow you to keep your accounts up to date without even having to leave home and still at any time.

5. More transparency

When you activate online banking, you can see the different commissions charged by the bank, you may notice unrecognized charges, and generally the information is clearer and more concise.

They have available their balances, commissions and transactions in different banks.

In other words, it is possible to obtain information from your BBVA and Citi Banamex account, or from Banco Azteca and Banorte.

In addition, these tools alert to unrecognized accusations.

These are the same benefits that banks offer. Some banks offer alternatives to:

  • Save your money and make sections;
  • Invest and generate profits,
  • Apply for loans at any time,
  • Hire insurance,
  • Check the number of loyalty program points.
  • Receive various types of rewards. For example banks like Bnext reimburses you up to 5% when you pay for their services such as Spotify, Netflix, Mango Life, pharmacies, among other proposed services.

However, if you provide your personal and confidential information and are not careful about it and there, you risk becoming a victim of fraud.

However, this is not because the security of your online banking or mobile banking is weak.

On the contrary, the standards of this security of these banks are very high.

The risk of being a victim of fraud it occurs differently the few times we are alerted when fraud occurs.

There are usually people out there who are out there getting information in a way that you notice.

For example, many of them write by mail, call by phone or even send an SMS or WhatsApp message, in order to obtain their personal data, their pinch or simply ask for deposits.

Therefore, you must be very vigilant and never provide link form information in your email or in messages on your smartphone.


Given this, it is possible to affirm that activating online banking is undoubtedly a safe alternative and easy for you to control your finances.

However, it is necessary that you take care of your information constantly.

So do not send photos of your cards, do not deposit money in known sources or believe in prizes from strange sources.

Verify your information at all times or even situations with the people you need to deposit the money, it is also very important.

However, there is no need to live in constant fear if you protect your information properly.

You will certainly be well protected and can still use your bank to your advantage with the proper precautions in place.

And you? What did you think of the benefits when activating online banking? Have you ever heard of any of them?

We hope this information can help you activate online banking.

So please share this article with your friends and family as well.

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