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8 Tips to save on back to school

We know that going back to school can be a major setback for the family economy. Specifically, an expense of 450 euros per child is estimated. It is such a high figure that not all families can afford it. For this reason, from we share with you 8 tips that will help you pay much less this go back to school.

8 tips that will help you make going back to school more economical

Going back to school is one of the most feared moments for parents. After spending the summer holidays, the so-called “September slope” arrives and you have to continue facing the payment of more and more expenses.

1- Check the school material available at home

We always tend to buy more school supplies than children actually use. Therefore, to avoid overbuying and continue to accumulate at home, it is important that you spend some time reviewing everything in the house. That is, sheets, empty notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil cases, backpacks, etc.

That philosophy of “new course, everything new” does not have to continue being that way. Even more so in a world where there is an increasing commitment to reuse or use of resources that we already have. It is a point in favor of the planet.

If you have everything, you won’t need to buy anything other than new books or more clothes if last year’s doesn’t fit! The savings will be substantial.

2- Make a list with what you need

Among the main expenses that parents have to make we find the payment of books, school supplies and uniforms. start by making a ready with everything your child needs to not buy more. Stick to what is essential to stay within your budget and not spend an extra euro, because it all adds up.

3- Compare prices

Comparing prices can also help you pay much less for the same thing. there isignificant price differences from one bookstore to another, as well as from some physical establishments to others online for the purchase of books, clothes or school supplies. Even more so if you consider other options such as the purchase of second-hand books (we will see it below).

4- Consider second-hand books

Why buy new school books having second hand books? Consider this possibility because not only can it lead to significant savings, but it is also a nod towards a more sustainable world. If we can reuse books that are gathering dust and are exactly the same, why not?

5- Pay with the same card to track your expenses

Another trick that will help you get back to school better is to make all payments with the same card. This way you will know the total of what you have spent within each category, so that you can get an idea of ​​the money you need and help you to take it into account next year. In the end, each child is a world.

Keep in mind that if you make payments with the card, for each payment you make you get a roulette spin with which you can spend up to 1,000 euros. Imagine how good it would be for you to better carry the September slope!

And not only that, but you can access a kind of line of credit to try to postpone back-to-school purchases and make the best of it.

6- Request help to buy books

In some autonomous communities it is possible to request aid for the purchase of books that range for the most vulnerable familieswho have fewer financial resources. In the case of presenting low payroll, you could access this type of aid and that going back to school costs you much less; even half.

7- Anticipate

Why buy clothes in September when you can take advantage of winter or summer sales? The ideal is that you anticipate and buy everything you need during the sales period, because that way everything will be cheaper. And it’s the same!

8- Save on transportation

Just as there are grants for the purchase of books in some autonomous communities and town halls, you can also take a look in case there is aid for transport vouchers. In some municipalities, children under 18 travel for free, so requesting this type of aid can help you save a good amount each year.

We hope that these tips will help you so that going back to school no longer involves a major setback in your bank account. Remember to take a look at all our guides to help you save and get the most out of it. You will see how you get it!

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