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Financial independence in 3 simple steps

As you probably know, I love to read and write about subjects that interest me such as personal finance.

I had long cherished the writing of a book, but I told myself that it was only reserved for great authors.

However, with the advent of technology and the Internet, the possibilities are numerous.

So why not me then?

Financial independence in 3 simple steps

Since the beginning of this blog, you have asked me several questions relating to the themes of money and personal finance.

You often find that building up your wealth is difficult and nearly impossible.

This is the challenge I set myself to write this book:

  • Establish a “recipe” to help you build your wealth and achieve your financial freedom.

Obviously, this is not a miracle method or a system that will allow you to accumulate millions of dollars in a few months.

On the other hand, it is really a method which works and which will allow you to have a much more interesting assessment than the majority of people, if you decide to set up the methods of my book.

The 3 steps to achieve your financial freedom


These are the famous 3 steps!

So each of these chapters addresses a specific theme (a step) to improve your financial situation.

Know that I use all the methods discussed in this book.

And besides, they work 🙂!

Rest assured, you don’t need to be a financial genius to implement all these steps and strategies. All it takes is a little willpower on your part and above all, to take action.

Here is the content of the 3 chapters of my book:

  1. Clean up your debts and wipe them out in less than 3 years;
  2. Control your cost of living to have more money in your pocket;
  3. Invest and make money work for you to get rich.

You can earn more money and have more time by knowing how to optimize your personal finances, without having to be a pro.

Who pays his debts gets richer

In the first chapter of the book, you will now be able to tell the difference between good debt and bad debt.

This is the basis for getting rich.

It will be possible for you to understand why your house is not the real asset that your banker promised you.

Another important thing in this chapter is that you can master my 10 second / 30 day rule to get rich right away without waiting years.

You will also learn my trick for doing your budget with both fingers in the nose and transforming this unpleasant moment into a profitable situation for you.

Have more money in your pockets

In the second chapter of my book, you will implement a very simple technique to automate the management of your money.

You’ll have more time to spend on what you love since your money will now work for you with no real extra effort on your part.

You will understand that controlling your cost of living is the cornerstone of achieving your financial freedom.

If you manage to spend less than you earn, you’ll be on your way to your first million dollars.

Become investors

I’m going to reveal all my tricks to you to go from “saving” mode to that of a successful investor.

You will learn the big problem of people who fail to become investors and grow their money effectively.

And above all, I give you my solution to get through.

That’s definitely what made me rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I hope you will enjoy this book.

It will explain what the school and your parents should have told you about money to save you financial hassle.

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