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How to make a budget for a trip

On trips we always tend to spend more than necessary. If we make calculations of what we have spent in the last one, surely we put our hands to our heads and it seems impossible, but refreshment here, entrance there, taxi on the other side… It’s a non-stop! If you want to stick to a specific amount and not spend a single euro there, we tell you how to budget for a trip.

How to make a budget for a trip step by step

If you’re up to date and can’t afford to spend more than you have, ideally you should make a budget before leaving for the trip. In the budget you must allocate a certain amount to each of the items. That is:

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Extra expenses (gifts, souvenirs…)

Normally, the money in the trips goes to us in these 5 things. There are travelers who prefer to go all-inclusive to ensure that they are not going to spend another euro on eating. After all, when we travel, a good part of our budget is spent on drinks and eating, because we always take the opportunity to go to the best restaurants in the city and live new experiences.

As for tickets to visit museums or monuments, in some cities there are passes that include visits to a certain number of places. If you are interested in doing this type of tourism, check accounts because it might pay you to buy the pass. In addition, this way you will know in advance what you are going to spend.

As for transportation, you can always take it paid in advance. For example, the plane, the transfer to the airport and also the rental carin the event that you hire this type of transport.

On the other hand, accommodation is something that is normally contracted before leaving and is already paid for. So it is not an expense that we should worry about.

Finally, there would be the extra expenses such as purchase of souvenirs or souvenirseither for oneself or for the whole family. You can allocate a part to this game and not go over there. For example, €30 or €50.

How to manage travel expenses?

To manage the money you spend on travel, the ideal is leave paid everything you can before leaving. This has its risks, because if you don’t go you could lose money. But in some cases you can also enjoy discounts for early payments. That is why it is important that you take account and put it on the table.

But if you leave certain expenses paid such as the hotel, transportation, the card to enter the tourist sites for free and choose the full board or all-inclusive option, you will practically not spend anything else. can suppose a very high initial outlaybut it avoids scares like spending more than necessary.

Normally, we tend to get carried away and go on the run. But we always tend to get excited and spend more than we can and should. That is why it is important that you consider it.

Always keep a table with the maximum budget for each game!

If you prefer to pay everything as you go, the ideal is that you dedicate a maximum budget to each game and promise yourself that you will not go overboard.

To do this, you can create a table with the maximum daily budget for each category. For example, if you are going on a 5-day trip, do something like this:

Day 1…

  • Maximum 60 euros for accommodation
  • Max 60 euros for lunch and dinner
  • Max 10 euros for bus or metro tickets
  • ect.

However, we do recommend that before leaving you get an idea of ​​the maximum amount you can spend and calculate to see if it reaches you for everything you have in mind. This way you can organize the trip according to your budget and avoid “going crazy”, in order to save yourself a good scare like being in the red.

How to go more loose in the trips? With a travel loan!

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