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How to save money with online shopping sites

Online shopping sites are increasingly popular on the internet. Since shopping for clothes and fashion accessories can be a big expense for you, you might want to know how to save money with online shopping sites and improve your cash flow.

You probably know that controlling your savings directly depends on this simple mathematical equation:

  • Income – expenses = available savings  .

I can tell you that it really is the basis for improving your personal finances.

You must aim for a monthly cash surplus and have a positive cash flow every month.

Obviously, your budget includes several expenditure items:

  • housing (30-35%);
  • transportation (10-15%);
  • feed (10-15%);
  • utilities (5-10%);
  • clothing (5%);
  • insurance (10%);
  • savings / repayment of debts (10-20%);
  • leisure (10%).

Therefore, with all these expense items, you probably have an interest in reducing your expenses and saving money with online shopping sites.

How to save money with online shopping sites

Online shopping websites, also known as private sales websites, are a type of online store that offers items at reduced prices.

The prices are often lower than those you can find in standard in-store shops.

To give you an idea, discounts can range from 30% up to 70% depending on the information available.

Often, you must be a member of these sites to take advantage of these discounts.

However, many offer subscriptions that are free.

Honestly, I know little about this kind of online shopping sites.

On the other hand, I understand that for the same merchandise, you can save a lot and it’s very good for your budget. 

The idea of ​​getting interested in this kind of store came to my mind since I was looking for a new pair of jeans. My current pairs are very fashionable because there were a few holes.

All the same, there is a certain limit to tolerate  .

The advantages and disadvantages of private sales sites

Be aware that online private sales sites can give you good discounts compared to the prices charged in stores with a storefront.

And what could be better than shopping at home while sipping your favorite coffee or beer?

On the other hand, you should know that the number of articles is often limited and that the virtual fitting is not very practical.

On the other hand, you can return the goods without great difficulty.

In my research, I found the private sales site Beyond the Rack to be quite interesting.

You can find articles in many categories:

  • clothes;
  • accessories;
  • scent;
  • items for your home;
  • etc…

I found that the discounts are quite significant for clothing. On the other hand, it is often top of the range.

For example, a pair of jeans priced at $250 was reduced by 70%.

How to take advantage of private sales sites

Like any purchase, you must aim for useful purchases and avoid spontaneous and compulsive purchases. This is the best reflex to develop so that you can save your money.

Also sign up in the “popup” forms that appear on your screens.

By doing so, you will often have discount offers and premium access to certain new products.

In closing, remember that the goal of these kinds of sites is to save you money and get more for the same dollar spent.

Whether the purchase of this kind of goods is worth it for you and your family, only you can answer this question.

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