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10 Best Money Saving Tips

Tracking spending:

Understand the impact of credit card expenses and use tools like the Spend Analysis in The Hub to monitor and control your spending effectively.


Simplify budgeting with tools like Spend Setter℠ in The Hub, allowing you to set spending limits by category and track your expenses against them.

Setting savings goals:

Motivate yourself by setting specific goals using the Savings Goal Getter℠ tool in The Hub, making it easier to save money for meaningful purposes.

Utilising automated savings:

Automate your savings by setting up pre-authorized transfers or using automatic savings features provided by your bank, ensuring consistent contributions towards your financial goals.

Preparing for grocery shopping:

Plan meals, check your pantry and fridge, utilize coupons and loyalty programs, and create a shopping list to avoid overspending at the grocery store.

Bringing lunch to work:

Save money by packing your own lunch instead of eating out, exploring quick and easy meal options that can be prepared in advance.

Cutting cable television expenses:

Consider replacing costly cable TV subscriptions with more affordable streaming services that offer a wide range of content options.

Establishing an emergency fund:

Prioritise saving for unexpected expenses to avoid relying on credit and incurring interest, utilising tools like Savings Goal Getter℠ to allocate funds for an emergency fund.

Buying used items:

Save money by opting for used items instead of buying brand new, such as cars, furniture, and other durable goods, maximising the value of your purchases.

Unsubscribing from marketing emails:

Resist impulse buying by unsubscribing from marketing emails that tempt you to make unnecessary purchases, promoting better financial discipline.

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